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Higher Bound Ministries

Hello my name is Kevin Kiser.  I am an old-fashioned Bible- preaching evangelist, an ordained minister of Jesus Christ and a full liver transplant survivor since 2005. I would love to come to your church to share my testimony or share God's Word through preaching.  GOD has blessed my family and I would love to share what GOD has done in our lives.


I have been and am still continuing in my service for my Lord Jesus Christ, so others can hear of His sacrifice for our sins, know there is healing in the Lord, and find their way to Heaven.


I have ministered in churches in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. God is tremendously blessing our ministry & I am humbled that he would use us in such a way.  I am ready to further spread the good news of Jesus.


I am available for pulpit supply:  regular services, revivals, men's conferences, and open to share in any area. I love what we do. Weekly we get to see what God is doing across the country in churches and individual lives. We spend time with dedicated pastors and learn from their experience. Anytime I get to present the Word of God at a local church I'm amazed by the privilege.


Feel free to look for us on Facebook, (Higher Bound Ministry). 

We look forward to your call and/or email.



God Bless you;

Kevin Kiser

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Telephone: (423) 519-3933, (423) 519-2833